JDEE being a one stop shop financial service provider has a vast portfolio which provides it with propriety information across asset class in virtually every major market around the world, allowing it to identify themes and invest with conviction.

Mid/Long-Term Investors

We apply a mid/long-term strategy to the assets with a focus on delivering stable capital appreciation based on  informed judgments on weather the business can grow to deliver a high return and free cash flows.

Market to be favourable

We analyse potential investment through various approaches to look for favorable market characteristics. A favourable market will resunt in sustainable capital growth and high return.

Understanding a big essential.

Key to a successful investment lies not in these criteria of fair evaluation only but also understanding. Our probability of success is significantly increased as we invest in the sectors we understand.

Fair Evaluation

We work by evaluating on a very fair basis. For a business to translate into a great investment analysis has to be on a fair evaluation basis. The basis of evaluation is done on the best method basis.

Value-Add Thought

We drive for value enhancement through building business  economies, discipline, a focused mindset and accountability resulting into transparency and direct engagement.

Hands on as investors

As an investor, we believe the best intentions of management should be periodically measured against performance. Giving an honest and timely feedback adds value and also flags future risks.

Perceive to have an active management using board meetings . We add our experience to bolster a young management team’s enthusiasm.

Sectors We Invested in